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Supported date format substitutions
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Characters Example Description
%y% 2021

(leading digits dependant on
system locale settings)

%yy% 21 Year - two digits
%yyyy% 2021 Year - four digits
%Q% 1 Quarter number of the year
%QQ% 01 Quarter number of the year (zero padded)
%QQQ% Q1 Quarter number of the year (prefixed with "Q")
%QQQQ% 1st quarter Quarter of the year (spelled out)
%M% 2 The numeric month of the year
%MM% 02 The numeric month of the year (zero padded)
%MMM% Feb The shorthand name of the month
%MMMM% February Full name of the month
%MMMMM% F Narrow name of the month
%d% 9 Day of the month
%dd% 09 Day of the month (zero padded)
%F% 1 Day of week in the month
(ie. 1st Tuesday in the month)
%E% Tue Day of the week (abbreviated name)
%EEEE% Tuesday Day of the week (name)
%EEEEE% T Day of the week (narrow)
%EEEEEE% Tu Day of the week (short)
%h% 3 Hour - 12-hour format
%hh% 03 Hour - 12-hour format (zero padded)
%H% 15 Hour - 24-hour format
%HH% 15 Hour - 24-hour format(zero padded)
%a% pm am / pm for 12-hour format
%m% 5 Minute
%mm% 05 Minute (zero padded)
%s% 7 Seconds
%ss% 07 Seconds (zero padded)
%SSS% 123 Millseconds
Time Zone
%zzz% AEDT Time zone (abbreviated)
%zzzz% 7 Time zone (name)
%Z% +1100 RFC 822 time zone format
%ZZZZ% AEDT+11:00 Time zone with abbreviation and offset
%ZZZZZ% +11:00 ISO 8601 time zone format

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