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Stocktakes in Sales Assistant for Daylite
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In Daylite, navigate to Plugins > Sales Assistant > Stocktakes...


Starting a new stocktake

Click the [+] button shown in the bottom left corner to start a new stocktake.

If multiple warehouses are present, you will be prompted to select the relevant warehouse.


A list of inventoried products will be displayed with the current expected stock levels for the selected warehouse.


Products can be searched by Product ID or Name values by typing into the search bar shown at the top left of the window.

Products with no stock held (ie. current stock level = 0), or with no warehouse location configured can be hidden using the controls shown in the top-right of the window.

Stocktakes can be saved for future editing by clicking "Save & Close".
Stocktakes can be finalised by clicking "Finish Stocktake". (see section on Finalising a stocktake for further details)

Entering the stock level for a product

Once the stock level for a product has been counted, enter the numeric value into the "Counted" column for the relevant product entry.
Any difference to the expected stock level will be calculated and displayed in the "Variance" column.


Finalising a stocktake

When you are ready to finalise the stocktake, click on the "Finish Stocktake" button.

Stock adjustments will be automatically created for products where necessary.

Finalised stocktakes can no longer be edited and will be displayed with a padlock icon.


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