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Apply a numbering sequence to an estimate
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Step 1.  Configure a numbering sequence with a scripting identifier

Ensure that the numbering sequence is configured with a unique value in the "Scripting ID" field.


Step 2.  Edit the estimate template

Open an estimate template in the Daylite Template Editor, by navigating to Daylite > Preferences > Report Templates and double-clicking on the template you wish to edit.


In the Daylite Template Editor, select the "Report" layer and add the following scripts for the "Pre Data Extraction" and "Post Data Extraction" phases, using the scripting identifier value configured in Step 1

Pre data extraction script example:

estimate := element valueForKeyPath:''.
((estimate estimateNumber) == nil) ifTrue:[
    sequence := JTNPNumberingSequence sequenceWithScriptingIdentifier:'yourScriptingID'.
    estimate setEstimateNumber:(sequence previewString).

Post data extraction script example:

((generator operatingMode) = 0) ifTrue:[
    sequence := JTNPNumberingSequence sequenceWithScriptingIdentifier:'yourScriptingID'.
    sequence incrementSequence.
    sequence saveChanges.

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